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Tamworth Cycle Club Resources and Documents

Tamworth Cycle Club 2018 Annual Report

In the past year, we have continued to see an increase in participation in the sport of cycling, particularly in our junior numbers (thanks to Luke O’Connor), our female membership numbers, and in our Ride+ (recreational) Memberships. The level of professionalism in our events and marketing has also received widespread commendation thanks to the hard work of Race Coordinator Rob Wright and our Marketing Team Daniel Nash and Alicia Massey. 


In 2018, we have again had a full complement of board members, who have worked to balance the needs of our broad and diverse member base, and to promote the sport of cycling across the Tamworth region, as per our Constitution. Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a positive year. Please read the Annual Report and the Treasurer's Report for further detail, and feel free to contact us for further information at

Read the treasurer's report here

Read the annual report here


Tamworth Cycle Club Project and Program Plan 2018-2019

Tamworth Cycle Club is proud to have an active and diverse group of volunteers who work cohesively together to deliver a variety of programs for our members. On 23 September 2018, a number of our members contributed at a planning day to prepare for the programs the Club will deliver over the next twelve months. While the attached plan is by no means exhaustive, it provides a good overview of where the Club is headed and why! We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to contact us at if you have further thoughts, or would like to volunteer your time.

Read more about 2019 Programs and Events here


Tamworth Cycle Club Junior Development Program

Tamworth Cycle Club’s Junior Development program provides a supportive environment designed to foster lasting friendships and enjoyment of cycling. Providing development of young athletes in both road and track disciplines, our junior members have represented us at local, regional, State and National level, and have even gone on to race as part of Continental teams.  

Read more about Junior Development here

Sponsored Kit

We're proud of our Club, and we're keen to see as many people as possible racing and representing in our Club kit. Having said this - Cycling NSW makes allowance for cyclists to wear CNSW approved sponsorship apparel where certain conditions are met. Some examples of the kits you'll see here in Tamworth would include Baiocchi Griffin, Ashford Air Conditioning, BC Bike Shop and BikeFix. The TCC Club Secretary manages the registration of these kits, and ensures they stay up to date. If you have any questions about the process, you can read more on the Cycling NSW website at the link below. Please note, the kits pictured are not always up to date! If you have a question about this, please feel free to contact

Approved Sponsorship Apparel


Racing Points Premiership - Rules and Conditions

Membership of Tamworth Cycle Club is not just for elite cyclists, and your support of your local Club allows us to work for you in creating better events and experiences for all our Members. We appreciate you familiarising yourself with the points rules and supporting them at our events.

Racing Points Premiership Rules

Code of conduct

Tamworth Cycle Club wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. Respect is defined as consideration for another’s physical and emotional well-being and possessions, to ensure no damage or deprivation is caused to either. 


Tamworth Cycle Club wishes to operate in a non-discriminatory environment, respecting the right, dignity and worth of every human being - and within the context of the activity, treat everyone equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or religion.

It is the expectation of the Club that all members will abide by the Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about this, please contact the Club Captain, or any member of the Board.

Tamworth Cycle Club Code of Conduct


The Tamworth Cycle Club Constitution is the body of fundamental principles by which the Club is governed. The Objects of TCC are:

  1. To conduct, encourage, promote, advance and administer the sport of Cycling throughout the area

  2. To act, at all times, on behalf of and in the interest of the Members and the sport of Cycling 

  3. To affiliate and otherwise liaise with the CA and/or CNSW of which the Club is a Member and adopt their rule and policy frameworks 

  4. To abide by, promulgate, enforce and secure uniformity in the application of the rules of Cycling 

  5. To promote, support and facilitate cycling within the Club

  6. To promote the Tamworth region as a premier Cycling venue

  7. To provide as safe as possible environment for Club members where they can participate in the sport of Cycling

  8. To promote the virtues of well-being, fun, friendship and competitive spirit amongst members

  9. To respect members contribution to the Club

  10. To advance the operations and activities of the Club throughout the region

  11. To undertake to do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these objectives.

TCC Constitution

Sharing the road - Etiquette for cyclists

Membership of Tamworth Cycle Club is not just for elite cyclists. Your support of your local Club allows us to work for you in seeking better infrastructure and services for all cyclists in our region.


Further, membership of Tamworth Cycle Club provides access to insurance through Cycling Australia that protects you and others in the event of an accident.

Tamworth Cycle Club believes that all cyclists have a responsibility to share the road with other road users, whether riding alone, in a bunch, or in a sanctioned Tamworth Cycle Club event. You can read more about safe riding in this useful booklet from our friends at Sydney Cycle Club. 

Etiquette and safety for cyclists

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